Jeremiah Goulka writes about American politics and culture. His work is focused on security, race, and the Republican Party, of which he is a former member.  He is a frequent contributor to The American Prospect and TomDispatch, and his recent work has been featured in Salon, Alternet, The Huffington Post, and reposted around the web. He is currently writing a novel.

Jeremiah has been a public policy analyst, a task force director, a hurricane recovery worker, a lawyer, and a professor. His past writing includes RAND reports, scholarly articles, and a book of letters by a Civil War general. (He is older than he looks!)

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Confessions of a Former Republican, TomDispatch

Of Republicans and Race Cards: Why I Used to Believe That Voter ID Laws Really Were Just Common Sense, TomDispatch

It Doesn’t Take Much: On Almost Getting PTSD In Iraq, TomDispatch

No, Fracking Is Not Making the U.S. More Secure, The American Prospect

A three-part series in The American Prospect on how to create an ideal defense budget: (1) Protecting the Homeland? So Last Century (2) Threat versus “Threat” (3) Lockheed, Stock, and Barrel 




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